What is Zentaurios?

Zentaurios is a content creator's dream. The socialfi ecosystem makes it easier to create, promote, and monetize content with token gated posts. By prioritizing the content creator community, Zentaurios saves creators time and money when creating and sharing content. Content creation is key to communication with communities. Communities are easier to grow with Zentaurios.

Zentaurios Logo Black and White. White Z, black background, zentaurios in white under the z.

What is Zenta News?

Zenta News is curated community content shared to Zentaurios. This content is shared to ten plus outlets with more coming. Community news, events, and media are shared through Zenta News. Zenta News is also curated into the news show called Zenta News Desk.

Zenta News Desk Image space dark background. Zentaurios logo bottom left, E25C logo top right, and Zenta News Desk in the middle.


What are Zenta Posts?

Zenta Posts allow verfied Zentaurios accounts to post content in blog form. Soon, multiple Zenta Posts will be able to be put into a series to act as educational courses. Zenta Posts are a great way to create valuable, SEO friendly content that shines positive light on the creator.

Web3 Event. Web3 in Pink, Event in White.

What is Zentagram?

Zentagram is like Instagram but for Zentaurios. While long form content is great for delivering detailed information, short form content is great for grabbing attention. Zentagram is a fun way to share shorter, fun images and videos with Zentaurios and your community. Long form video is also possible, as well as streaming live through YouTube and Twitch.


What is the Web3 Events Calendar?

The Web3 Community Events Calendar is a place to share events on Zentaurios. Some events are also shared as Zenta News and on the Zenta News Desk show. The Web3 Events Calendar allows people to organize, find, and promote events. While it says "Web3 Events" anyone verified on Zentaurios can share events on the calendar. If you are on Zentaurios, you are part of the Web3 Community.

What are Zenta Profiles?

Zenta Profiles bring all content a user shares onto one page. Based on what auser submits, their profile page con
tains the user's bio, links to all their socials and website, their Twitter feed, a YouTube or Twitch video or playlist, all their Zenta Posts, all their events, and all their media. If users have NFTs they can share links to those marketplaces. If the user has a token, they can include links to the contract, audit, and proof of KYC. Users can also submit their EVM liquidity pair address to have a chart and swap right on their profile. A link profile is also automatically created. This link profile is Zentaurios' version of a LinkTree.

Zentaurios logo black background with the colors of the Z and Zentaurios word fading from blue on the left to pink on the right.

What are Zentaurios Legacy NFTs?

Zentaurios Legacy NFTs are access keys to posting blogs, events, and media on Zentaurios forever*. To avoid too much content in Zenta News, Legacy NFTs currently grant priority inclusion in Zenta News and publishing to outside sources through Zentaurios. Future utilities, like an in-house Canva, AI intergration, and messaging, will also give first access to NFT holders. The benefits of holding a Zentaurios Legacy NFT will continue to expand and increase in value.

*Violations of the Acceptable Use section in the Zentaurios Terms and Conditions override the priveleges of holding a Zentaurios Legacy NFT.


How to get involed with Zentaurios

You can sign up to Zentaurios by clicking the link below this paragraph. To create a full profile and post content you will have to be verified using another social media or custom domain name. No fake accounts on Zentaurios! There are more instructions on how to verfiy waiting for you on your dashboard after you sign up and sign in.

You are also encouraged to get involved with Zentaurios on all the social media sites linked just below this section. Zentaurios engages with community members on social media and it is better for all of us if we follow each other and interact online.

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