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Zentaurios Legacy NFTs

Posted By: Zentaurios

Contract Address: 0x28Af6D17836a1f0E1A122E5e20e2C1c143c9Ff52

Chain: polygon

Zentaurios Legacy NFTs are keys into the Zentaurios SocialFi ecosystem. Zentaurios leverages Web3 tehcnology to allow creators, educators, consultants, and more to create public content, token gated content, and mint their access NFTs right on Zentaurios. These features allow verified Zentaurios accounts to brand, market, monetize, and distribute access all in one spot.

Benefits of Zentaurios Legacy NFTs

The bottomline, guaranteed benefits of holding Zentaurios Legacy NFTs, as outlined in the Zentaurios Legacy NFT Terms and Conditions, allow holders of two Legacy NFTs the right to update their full profile and post content to Zentaurios forever. More current perks are outlined below:

  • 1 NFT - Create Token Gated Posts on Zentaurios using NFTs from the following chains:
    • Polygon
    • ETH
    • BSC
    • Cronos
    • Arbitrum
    • Avalanche
    • Optimism
    • Fantom
    • Palm
  • 2 NFTs - Create a Minting Page on Zentaurios for 721 or 1155 NFTs on Polygon with ThirdWeb contract
  • 3 NFTs - Receive one time assistance in creating a contract on ThirdWeb to use to create a minting dapp and token gate content on Zentaurios (will airdrop 1 MATIC for those purchasing with fiat)

The bulleted benefits are subject to change but should not change in the foreseeable future. More utilities will be outlined soon.

Zentaurios Legacy NFT Pricing

Zentaurios Legacy NFTs are currently 37.5 MATIC and will scale up for each 200 minted. This price increase, based on added utilites, will be around 10% are outlined below:

  • 0-200 - 37.5 MATIC
  • 201-400 - 42 MATIC
  • 401-600 - 46 MATIC
  • 601-800 - 51 MATIC
  • 801-1000 - 56 MATIC
  • 1001-1100 - 62 MATIC
  • 1101-1111 - 100 MATIC

This list is a suggested outline and subject to change based on the floor price of the collection if marketplace sales become a norm. 

Zentaurios for Creators

Zentaurios was created for projects, business, and creators to build their brands as part of a growing Web3 community. The purpose of Zentaurios is to make it easier for you to achieve your purpose. The previosuly mentioned utlilites of Zentaurios are just the beginning.

If you purchase three or more NFTs and would like help setting up your contract, or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to Zentaurios using the Zentaurios Contact Form or through the Zentaurios Twitter Account.

You may also purchase Zentaurios Legacy NFTs using cards, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.

This page was created with the ZentaMints, the Zentaurios Social Minting Dapp Creator.