Zentaurios Legacy NFT Terms and Conditions

Zentaurios Legacy NFTs are the unique tokens created by the contract "0x28Af6D17836a1f0E1A122E5e20e2C1c143c9Ff52" on the Polygon Blockchain.

Link to Zentaurios Legacy NFT contract on polygonscan

The Zentaurios Legacy NFTs are a Lifetime Membership to share the following utilties on Zentaurios:

  • ZentaPosts - Posting Blogs
  • Zentagram - Posting Media
  • Web3 Community Calendar - Posting Events
  • Posting Whitepapers
  • Public Blogs, Media, Events, and Whitepapers shared to Zentaurios Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Group, and sometimes more social platforms.*
  • Public Profile
  • Token Gated Community
  • Token Gated Community Posts
  • Access to Zentaurios Token Gated Community

1 NFT = 1 Profile but there is a minimum requirement of 2 NFTs

The duration of a Lifetime Membership is defined by the existence of Zentaurios, under current ownership, on zentaurios.app and its associated subdomains. The Lifetime Membership includes but is not limited to the utilities described above.

*Shared posts are subject to rules of the listed social media platforms, Zentaurios having an account on that platform, and the feasability of sharing all declared posts as listed above.

While the Zentaurios Legacy NFTs provide authorization for the benefits listed above, the users of zentaurios.app and subdomains of zentaurios.app are subject to the Zentaurios Terms and Conditions.

The right to utilize the utlities outlined above and in accordance with the Zentaurios Terms and Conditions require, infinitely, or until otherwise mentioned, verifying your account with Zentaurios.

Zentaurios Legacy NFT Images

The Zentaurios Legacy NFT Images are the image files stored on IPFS and declared through the URI in the "image:" field of the metadata in the Zentaurios Legacy NFTs.

If, for any unforeseen reason, the Zentaurios Legacy NFT Images are lost in or to decentralized storage, they will be hosted at https://zentaurios.app/nfts/[tokenId]. The tokenId, or token uid, as delcared in the "uid:" field of the Zentaurios Legacy NFT metadata, will be placed at the end of the address https://zentaurios.app/nfts/ in place of [tokenId] to pin the correct image with the correct NFT. This is a backup plan to ensure access to images for the life of Zentaurios. This will act as a way to keep the attachment of all and any one Zentaurios Legacy NFT to the associated Zentaurios Legacy NFT Image and allow, when methods allow, namely on the zentaurios.app domain and through the use of urls pointing to the Zentaurios Legacy NFT Images hosted on the Zentaurios domain, for the access and attachment of the associated image for the custodian of the associated Zentaurios Legacy NFT. These images will not be hosted in the manner listed in this section of the terms and conditions unless out of need.

A legitimate owner of a Zentaurios Legacy NFT, as determined by having legitimate control of the digital wallet in which has custody of the associated Zentaurios Legacy NFT, is granted control of their NFT through the Zentaurios Legacy NFT smart contract "0x28Af6D17836a1f0E1A122E5e20e2C1c143c9Ff52". This legitimate owner may utilize the Zentaurios Legacy NFT Image declared through the "image:" field of the NFT(s) they own as they see fit to benefit themself, Zentaurios, and the Zentaurios community, but not in ways that suggest hate, violence, racism, overly sexual imagery, or to illlustrate known stereotypes that portray hate, violence, racism, or overly sexual imagery. While a Zentaurios Legacy NFT Image may be used by the legitimate owner of the Zentaurios Legacy NFT containing the uri of the assocciated image, the logo present in the image is subject to copyright law and enforcement of unauthorized use.

Future Utility

There may or may not be additional values added to the Zentaurios Legacy NFTs in the future. There may be optional features built on top of the features covered by the Zentaurios Legacy NFTs that are not covered by the Zentaurios Legacy NFTS. There may also be additional utilities created for usage covered by the holders of the Zentaurios Legacy NFTs but in accordance with the Zentaurios Terms and Conditions.


Rarities have no attachment to the utlities to which Zentaurios Legacy NFTs grant access to. Rarities are simply a break down of the weighted apperances that were entered to create the Zentaurios Legacy NFTs.

Rarities were added by weight. A weight of 10 is 10 times more likely than weight of 1, a weight of 20 is 2 times more likely than a weight of 10, etc. These numbers decided the chances of each trait, not the outcome.

A clearer breakdown may be provided in the future but note that the purpose and value of the NFTs is outlined in the Legacy NFT section above. Rarities are listed below as Weight - Trait:


  • 60 - zentauria
  • 10 - zentauria-inverted


  • 100 - spectrum
  • 40 - grey
  • 40 - greyscale
  • 40 - original
  • 40 - inverted
  • 10 - original-small
  • 10 - inverted-small
  • 1 - none


  • 10 - purple
  • 10 - blue
  • 10 - pink
  • 5 - black
  • 1 - none


  • 20 - black
  • 20 - blue
  • 20 - pink
  • 20 - purple
  • 10 - blue-pink
  • 10 - blue-purple
  • 10 - pink-blue
  • 10 - pink-purple
  • 10 - purple-blue
  • 10 - purple-pink
  • 5 - black-blue
  • 5 - black-pink
  • 5 - black-purple
  • 5 - blue-black
  • 5 - pink-black
  • 5 - purple-black
  • 1 - rainbow


By purchasing a Zentaurios Legacy NFT you acknowledge they are subject to the terms and condtions stated on this page. You also acknowedge Zentaurios Legacy NFTs are for access to the utitilies outline on this page.

A Zentaurios Legacy NFT does not respresent, in any manner, express or implied, representation of equity in nor financial benefits from any efforts or outcomes of Zentaurios, its owner, management, affiliates, employees, community members, or any happenings of or associated with zentaurios.app.