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I am Tree Fitty (@Webb3Fitty). I noticed when it comes to crypto, web3, and NFTs, marketing seems to drive sales. However, long term, I believe anyone who has ambition and good ideas should be able to make is in Web3. My hope is that Zentaurios can lower the barrier to entry into Web3. In one spot, someone can make their first wallet, mint their first NFTs, create their first minting dapp, and token gate their content for the first time. This is acheivalbe without ever buying crypto!

Built for Community

Someone requested I added a feature to Zentaurios Professional Profiles to allow users to share more about themselves. So this section was created. NFT holders have to ability to upgrade their Professional Profile to include and image, links, charts, and now, this "home page" section of their profile. User can add images, graphs, and even video right to their profile. This request was brilliant. I do not think about social platform allows this much customization.This is merely one exmaple of things I have created to make life better for community members. #SEOBucket 😉

Why create a profile on Zentaurios?

Zentaurios blends social media and having a business website. Blogs on Zentaurios can be token gated. Users can mint access NFTs on Zentaurios. And now users can create a "home page" of sorts right on their profile. No code. For people who do not have a website, Zentaurios is a great option. Domain hosting for a year is comparable to the cost of one NFT, or, currrently, 37.5 MATIC. For those that do have a website, can you blog, share mixed media, post events to a community calendar, token gate, and mint on your website? If you can, ncie work, but...the more places you share the more people will see it. 

Tree Fitty - You Friendly Developer

If you need any dev work similar to anything you see on Zentaurios, please do not hesitate to reach out. I work with React, Next.js, Node, Express, MongoDB, Reddis, SQL, and on and on and on. I am familiar with many microservices and SaaS, especially for those on a budget. SEO experience comes with it. Whether it is making sure all the code is good, getting your start on free monitoring services, or even find gaps for your brand to fill in search results. Also, if you need help with an NFT contract or token gated app, just let me know.

Thank you for reading my profile and I hope we can talk to soon!

@Webb3Fitty #TreeFitty

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