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TheGoddess Speaks: Yomi's Crystalology Session #1

By: AbayomiTheGoddess

July 26, 2023 2:09 AM / 0 Comments

Yomi's Crystalology Session #1

An Introduction to the Enchanting World of Crystals

Salutations to all! Welcome to Yomi's Crystalology! We're going to embark on a journey into the fascinating realm of crystals. Ever since the dawn of time, humans have been captivated by the mesmerizing beauty and perceived energies of these unique, naturally occurring substances. But what exactly are crystals? What makes them different from minerals? And why have we been using them for purposes like protection, motivation, meditation, and healing for millennia? Let's delve deep and uncover the mysteries that lie within these vibrant forms of Earth's hidden treasures.

A Historical Perspective

The use of crystals dates back thousands of years. Ancient cultures from the Sumerians to the Egyptians, from the Chinese to the Greeks, all used crystals for a variety of purposes - protection, health, decoration, divination, and more. These cultures believed that crystals, with their beauty and perfection, held certain energies that could influence the world around us and within us.

This belief has persisted over millennia and continues to this day, with many people incorporating crystals into their lives for protection, motivation, meditation, and healing. While modern science may not always agree with these notions, there's no denying the sense of wonder and calm that crystals can instill in us, and that's something to cherish.

Crystals and Minerals: Understanding the Difference

It's common to hear the terms "crystal" and "mineral" used interchangeably, but they aren't quite the same thing. All minerals are not crystals, and all crystals are not minerals. Let's clarify that.

A crystal is defined by its ordered, repeating atomic structure and its outward manifestation: the crystal lattice, which presents itself in geometric shapes with flat faces. This orderliness gives crystals their distinct shapes, like the perfect pyramid of a quartz crystal or the cubic structure of halite (table salt).

Minerals, on the other hand, are naturally occurring inorganic substances with a specific chemical composition and ordered internal structure. Essentially, all minerals can form crystals if the conditions allow, and the vast majority of gems and precious stones are mineral crystals. However, not all crystals are minerals. For instance, snowflakes and diamonds are both crystals but while the diamond is a mineral (composed of carbon), a snowflake (being composed of water) is not.

Shapes and Meanings: Understanding Crystal Forms

The captivating shapes of crystals are not merely for aesthetic pleasure; each shape is thought to influence the crystal's energy and how it interacts with its surroundings.

1. **Raw or Natural Crystals:** These are in their natural state, unpolished and unrefined. They are said to hold powerful, raw energy and are ideal for purposes of spiritual growth and healing.

2. **Tumbled Crystals:** These are polished, usually into a rounded shape. This makes them ideal for carrying on one's person or using in crystal grids. Their smooth energy is great for promoting calm and peace.

3. **Pyramid Crystals:** Pyramids are associated with a connection to the Earth and the higher realms or the universe, facilitating a strong grounding effect and promoting energy alignment.

4. **Sphere Crystals (Crystal Balls):** These represent completeness, unity, and equality. Their energy is often described as being radiated evenly in all directions.

5. **Tower or Pointed Crystals:** These help to focus energy, directing it upward and outward. They’re used for enhancing motivation, focus, and clarity.

6. **Cluster Crystals:** These are groups of crystals that have grown together. They are said to foster harmony, promote group efforts, and create a sense of community.

7. **Cube Crystals:** Cubes are associated with grounding and anchoring energy. They help in creating a solid foundation and stabilizing your environment.

Understanding the world of crystals is like learning a new language - a language of energy, vibration, and intention. As you interact with different types of crystals, in various shapes and sizes, you'll start to understand and appreciate the distinct 'personality' each one brings to your space. Remember, the beauty of the crystal world is best experienced through a personal journey of exploration and connection.

Stay tuned for more posts exploring specific types of crystals, their properties, and their uses. Here's to embarking on a sparkling journey together!


By: AbayomiTheGoddess

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